Jetson Nano Worker setup help


I’m trying to follow this setup instruction: Setting up a VideoCoin Worker on Jetson Nano

and have some questions.

Towards the bottom of the setup, it reads,

Start the worker

Set the environment variables and start the transcode worker as shown below.

SECRET=xxxxx CLIENT_ID=XXXXXX-9984-465f-9b6a-683639ed0fa6

./transcoder_arm mine -k

Now, I’m a bit confused since it is slightly different from the Linux Worker setup guide.

Question 1: Do I save “SECRET= … network:5008” portion above as “vars.env” file?

In the Linux instruction, you actually put keystore file information into the vars.env file,
but you don’t need the KEY information for Jetson Nano setup?

Below is the Linux Worker vars.env file example:




Question 2: In Linux Worker setup, you set the environment variables (vars.env), then you run the Worker, but here in Jetson Nano setup guide, it says to start Worker, then set the environment variables. Does the sequence matter?

Question 3: This command (./transcoder_arm mine -k) is NOT part of environment variables (vars.env), right? Rather, you just run this command on Linux terminal after setting environment variables (vars.env), right?

Question 4: For Jetson Nano, it says to contact VideoCoin support to obtain DISPATCHER_ADDR .
How do I go about doing this?
Is there an email where I can send request?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Eun_Moon,

There is an SDK release coming next week that will resolve issues setting up a Jetson Nano. As soon as this is ready to go, we will notify you. Sorry for the delay.

Thank you, I will wait for it.

I hope it addresses manual assignment of “DISPATCHER_ADDR” value.