Windows Setup Guide for VideoCoin Worker

How to set up a VideoCoin Worker

VideoCoin Workers accept video workloads from the VideoCoin Network, processes and submits it back to the network. This worker is available as a convenient Docker Image that can run on Windows.

Create an account on VideoCoin Console

You can sign up here​

Navigate to the worker tab

Log in and click on the worker section

Add a New Worker

Click on “New Worker” and an automatically named worker is created for you, along with a unique worker ID

Click through on the worker name and you can now see the client ID

Save this client ID

Setting up Docker

Click here to learn how to set up Docker on Windows.

Get the VideoCoin Worker Docker image

You can find the Docker image here.

docker pull videocoinnetwork/worker

Generating a Key

VideoCoin Wallet is compatible with Ethereum, so you can use a standard wallet create a tool like

ethkey generate

Once you have the key, fund the account with ERC-20 VID Tokens to this account on Ethereum Mainnet. You may have to transfer tokens equal to self-stake and some additional tokens to cover transaction fees/gas on the VideoCoin network. For example 50000 VID tokens as required for the current minimum self-stake plus 10 tokens to cover worker transactions.
You also need to fund this account with some Ethereum (for example ~0.1 ETH) for transaction fee on Ethereum Mainnet. This is required to transfer VID tokens between Etherem Mainnet and VideoCoin network.

You can use the worker self-staking tool described in the following document.

Look at the following link for the minimum self-stake required, approval wait periods to run the worker

The VideoCoin Network is a powerful API-first, decentralized video platform that utilizes untapped computing resources to save you money.

Create a Configuration File




Please use a text editor to create the configuration file.
The text that appears after “KEY=” is the content of the key-file created in the section “Generating a Key”.
The text that appears after “SECRET=” is the same as the password created in the section “Generating a Key”.
The text that appears after “CLIENT_ID=” is the client ID obtained in section “Add a New Worker”

Save it into a file called vars.env

Your keyfile and secret are used locally on the worker to sign transactions.

Run the worker

docker run --rm --env-file vars.env videocoinnetwork/worker:latest

That’s it! Your worker will now be waiting to receive work


I’ve been following this project since the early stages and am excited to see it come to fruition. I do not have much experience in the world of programming but am still interested in becoming a worker. I am wondering if anyone has successfully setup a worker and could provide more detailed steps beginning from creating a configuration file? Not sure exactly how to get the KEY or SECRET and run the worker. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks for bringing this up. There will be a step-by-step guide coming asap.

Check this post Create a Configuration File (Help)

Let us know if you still have issues. We’re happy to help.

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Is the VideoCoin Wallet available to use? I’ve asked a few times but never get a reply. If not, is there an estimated date when it would be available?

Hi there. Trying to set up a worker node however got the following response when i tried to run the worker:
time=“2020-06-02T13:23:04.1570201Z” level=fatal msg=“invalid character ‘:’ after top-level value” version=v1.0.0-everest-9bb45a7

Please let me know how to sort this out. Thanks

Why do you want the VideoCoin Wallet? That was before we accepted credit cards… Since Everest we accept credit cards.

Looks like your vars.env has a syntax error.

Hello, I would also be very interested in a step by step video. Unfortunately I don’t speak English but only German.

I highly recommend reading my Lessons Learned for setting up a worker on Windows.

I’m stuck at "ethkey generate. " Can you recommend the node software or a wallet where I can do this?

I keep running into errors getting docker, upon investigation I found out my tower machine virtualized is not enabled which means I mess with bios.

Is there a much more simpler way to become a videocoin worker than messing with cmds configs?

Why is there no easy .exe installer just like theta edge node worker? Is there other guide for noobs than this video ?

I’m trying to participate, but there doesn’t seem to be much action here…have you been successful in getting replies?

No luck with replies yet.

I’m hoping the admin will actually read the various challenges people have.

For windows or Mac platform, take a look at the worker-hub.

If you are looking for a tool alternative to ethkey, you can look at myetherwallet

If you are planning on running a worker on Windows or Mac, please take a look workrer-hub:

Your user name is the bomb, therefore I will personally help you! In all seriousness, please DM me and we can schedule a video call wherein I can step you through setup on either Windows or Linux. I was the first non-VideoCoin person to do both.

You can also refer to this Lessons Learned guide I wrote up after the pain I experience setting everything up:

Thank you, Great Help.

Hello, I was working with Jason at Vivid and he asked that I post my issue here. Can I please get some help getting my worker set up? I have Docker running on my computer, but not sure that it is set up correctly. I also set up an account with Infura, but unsure how to use the account info. Not at the point that I can stake my VID yet.

Thank you