Worker Hub Alpha Release Now Live

Key features of the Worker Hub desktop app

  • Simplified Workflow: An easy to follow setup process. No coding required.
  • Fast Worker Launch: Users can set up a Worker in minutes, in just a few clicks.
  • Staking Functionality: Self-delegate VID tokens to your workers within Worker Hub.
  • Worker Control: Assign computer resources to your worker and control run time.
  • Multi-platform availability: Run the Worker Hub on Mac, Windows, or Linux(coming soon) machines.

Workers are an essential piece of the VideoCoin Network.

When a video stream is sent to the end-user, that video must be transcoded. This is the compute-heavy processing of raw data executed by our VideoCoin Network Workers. Workers do the heavy lifting and offer the customer an efficient and cost-effective way to transcode videos. These Workers act in a decentralized infrastructure so that videos can be delivered on a global scale to anyone and anywhere.

As the VideoCoin Network continues to expand the need for Workers will continue to grow. This leads to a question: “How do we scale the number of Workers so that data centers or third-party computers can join the VideoCoin Network in the efforts to process video for the world?”

In response, we are introducing the alpha version of the VideoCoin Network Worker Hub.

The Worker Hub is a revolutionary way for anyone to work on the VideoCoin Network. It greatly improves the setup process for new Workers to participate, almost no technical expertise is needed to get started. Simply put, if you can fill out an online form, you can set up a Worker. The VideoCoin Network Worker Hub is built with a ‘user-first experience’ approach similar to our Staking App. The VideoCoin Network development team has been working closely with the worker community to develop a refined process to onboard new Workers and improve the onboarding experience.

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This product is currently in alpha, so we welcome all feedback you have!

The Worker Hub will open the gates for new Workers and is a key component in our efforts to meet user demand for Workers. Give the Worker Hub a try and get started today, download the app for Windows or Mac. This app is an early alpha release, use at your own risk.

Ready to set up your worker on the Worker Hub? Follow this video tutorial to get started right now.

If you have any questions about setting up a Worker, please join the conversation in our growing forum community. Stay tuned for more news and features in the days and months ahead.