What is videocoin pool?

In my mind if some one say crypto mining pool it is collection of workers like Ethereum mining pool or BTC mining pool.

Is videocoin pool different?

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VideoCoin pool is more similar to Cosmos staking pools or Tezos staking pools. Similar to Cosmos or Tezos validator rankling, VideoCoin vidpool facilitates VID Token holders to secure the network by ranking the workers. Worker selection algorithm on the VideoCoin block-chain selects workers proportional to the total delegated stake on the worker. VID Token holders are rewarded for the active participation.

I think next time you guys mention pool you should differentiate by saying Videocoin worker pool and videocoin staking pool.

So it seems like videocoin does not have worker pool but only will have staking pool.

Staking Pools of new generation blockchains including Ethereum-2.0 are result of PoW being replaced with PoS. From this point of view Staking Pools are equivalent to Mining Pools.
As you know, VideoCoin has Proof of Transcoding for validating and rewarding workers, VidPool provides additional layer for securing the network and reward system. From this point of view pooling more workers under one vidpool does not change security and rewarding aspect of the network, but may provide convenience of operation for some worker deployments.

I just want to make sure that I am not saying worker pool is better than staking pool. I just want you guys to distinguish them so people can understand what you guys are saying. People in crypto usually think mining pool is collection of workers. POS is mining mechanism but not many people call it mining pool.

If there is a confusion about the terminology, it needs to be addressed.
FYI, the following Staking Manager API document which, gives precise view of implementation of staking on VideoCoin.