Hi I cannot get any confirmation mail while verifying account.

I want to access API authorisation so I need this to run my NFT marketplace in my local machine

Thanks for posting.

@Ram_Penke can you assist with API access?

Check your confirmation mail for

FYI, vivid-open NFT marketplace is opensource implementation and works with any blockchain supporting EVM and metamask wallet.

You need to setup your own NFT contracts on a EVM compliant blockchain. Look at the example installation of contracts in this document:

Then you can follow the instructions in the following document to setup your marketplace and marketplace-UI:

Yes everthing you said was completed already the problem is i cannot able to Mint nft its shows like this :
Screenshot from 2022-02-04 07-31-05|690x387

Can you share marketplace log until you reach the screenshot. Check the access to nft-storage or textilehub is working correctly with your credentials independent of marketplace. Which blockchain you are using ?

I’m using ropsten network , not using textile hub I’m using NFTstorage