Extremely slow responses


Why is Videocoin telegram chat only operating with ONE admin?

Many people are waiting for responses regarding many facets of VC but they’re having to wait for the one and only admin to respond. There are times where he sleeps, doesn’t work on weekends and isn’t always prompt at replying + now he’s having to do info videos for VC and other tasks we don’t know about. . It’s a shame that you want to compete with AWS and the rest but don’t want to spend some money on helping the community. This forum is also not the quickest for responses.

@Developers keep doing your job. It’s great. @admin sorry that you’re made to work so hard

We can help each other!

Post your specific questions and I’ll do my best to help you get onboarded.


Thank you @Santiago_Velez, the point of this forum is to help each other!

@Lolo_Liuj How can we help you today?