Customize Your Rewards With VidPool

One of the perks of using the VideoCoin Network is our attractive Rewards program that allows workers and delegated stakers to earn fiat for jobs completed.

On Saturday, July 25, our Rewards offering got even better with the open-source software that allows visibility and customization of rewards for VideoCoin Network users. It is what we are calling VidPool.

VidPool acts as the hub for VideoCoin token rewards and allows workers to customize the percentage of rewards they want to offer. Additionally, VidPool calculates the rewards sent to participants of the Genesis Staking Pool, an alternative way for token holders to stake their tokens.


Workers receive rewards for the jobs (transcoding) they complete on the network. The amount of work they receive is directly impacted by the number of staked tokens they are assigned, including delegated tokens. To incentivize delegators to stake with a particular worker, the workers reward the delegators with a selected portion of the tokens they receive for the jobs they complete. Workers and their delegated stakers receive cash and fiat, managed by third-party payments system Public Mint.

The intuitive VidPool software is simple to use. Just follow these steps to run the docker image.

With VidPool’s new customization capabilities, we believe the participation of workers and delegated stakers will increase and improve the overall experience of the VideoCoin Network for customers.

Still have questions about VidPool? Ask them on our VideoCoin Forums.