Worker Hub won't "Start Worker"

Hi all,

Followed the Worker Hub instructions, accounts created, IDs/Keys entered, tokens staked.

All looks good with Worker status showing green - Ready to start

Click “Start Worker” button aaand … nothing happens.

Can anyone give me pointers as to what’s wrong?

Are you using a Mac or PC?

PC, I’ve tried to run it on 2 different ones with the same result.

I had the same issue on a Mac. With help from Ram I was able to get it going.
What hardware/system are you using?

The better one I’m running on is the below,

Asus TUF Z490-Plus motherboard
RX 580 8GB videocard
i7-10700K CPU
Windows 10 Pro

Hi @Da_Mo
We have seen the issue on some systems as @RayGN indicated. We are trying to reproduce the issue. I will get back to you with an update soon.

Great, looking forward to it. Thanks.

Feel free to reach out to me to setup a video call. I’ll be glad to walk you through it.

We are still trying to reproduce the issue. Could you please try to reboot your system and see if the issue is fixed. If it is not fixed, please wait for a new version of WorkerHub that we will be releasing soon. The new version of WorkerHub will capture more logs and help analyze the issue.

@Santiago_Velez we got feedback that on some systems (which are freshly installed) the “Start Worker” command from WorkerHub is not working. Rebooting the system seems to fix the issue on one system. Please share any info, if you have seen the issue and identified the cause.

@Ram_Penke Tried rebooting, but still no difference. So I think I’ll need to wait for the new version.

@Santiago_Velez Thanks for the offer! As mentioned, I think everything has been done correct but the worker just wouldn’t start with “Start Worker” button. If you know how to get around it I’d love a walkthrough.

We go you up and running! Yes!!


Yes thanks to Santiago’s time and expertise, happy to be running as the first Aussie node!

We did it the Docker way, so required some coding knowledge.

@Ram_Penke Please keep us posted with the Worker Hub, I think a bug free click to start solution would be able to bring a lot more nodes online.