Withdrawl from self-staking doesn't work on worker-hub


I had run 2 worker for several month.
I executed withdrawl process on worker-hub on window10
because It’ didn’t give me any interest .
It was 23 on December in 2020 and I don’t get back my vid now
( at least 24day has passed)

As long as i know , after 21 day of withdrawl request
I can get back my vid but It’s not .
woker-hub shows pending sign

How can i get my vid back ?
please let me know…

We fixed an issue with the worker-hub withdraw function. It will be released soon. I will update you,
Regarding not getting interest/incentive for the worker: incentive is paid only to the workers for the period that are online. We can share with you the worker uptime information, if you want to take a look at it.

I really appreciate your kind and fast answer.

looking forward to new version of Worker-Hub.

thank you ^^


The new release of worker-hub 1.0.2 can fix the withdraw issue only for new worker-hub installations. We need to use staker command line tool for withdrawing the self-stake for existing installations. Please use the following two commands to complete the withdrawl. The first command completes the withdraw on VideoCoin Network and the second command moves tokens to your wallet (Ethereum VideoCoin Contract).

docker run --rm -it --env="ETH_RPC_URL=<ethereum_mainnet_rpc_url>" -v $PWD:/tmp videocoinnetwork/staker stake withdraw complete -k /tmp/<worker-key-file> -s <password>
 docker run --rm -it --env="ETH_RPC_URL=<ethereum_mainnet_rpc_url>" -v $PWD:/tmp videocoinnetwork/staker withdraw <amount> -k /tmp/<worker-key-file> -s <password>

Description of the above commands are available in the following document.

Please replace <ethereum_mainnet_rpc_url>, <worker-key-file>, <password> parameters in the above commands with the infura url, wallet key-file and password that you used during worker-hub setup.

Please let us know, if you see any issue using the above commands

I got my vid back by executing these two command and completed genesis staking.

thank you…

Someone who want to execute command on window10

needs to change $PWD to %CD% in the middle of each command .

$PWD variable would be for linux.