VID withdraw from WORKER

I would like to withdraw videocoin from my previously-working machine. I have started unbonding then, after few months turn off a machine and forgot about it for a while. Now I cannot start a worker.

The successful command I used previously:
sudo /home/nvidia/worker-linux-arm64 start -k FILE -s SECRET -c PHASE

now gives me:

INFO[0003] current state is BONDING                      version=v1.1.1-pe-1-6107bcc
FATA[0003] failed to start, state must be BONDED         version=v1.1.1-pe-1-6107bcc

CC: @Jason_Garcia
Follow the withdraw process in the worker-self-staking document.

You need to perform the step “staker stake withdraw complete” as described in the document to complete unbonding.

Next perform the step “staker withdraw…” as described in the document to move tokens from videocoin blockchain to Ethereum Mainnet.

Update the staker docker image to latest version before running the above commands