Staking with the Genesis Staking Program

Step 1: Connecting your Wallet to the VideoCoin Staking Page


Click “Install MetaMask Extension” and add the MetaMask extension to your browser

Follow the prompts to download and add the MetaMask extension to your browser. If you need help adding the extension, follow these steps from the MetaMask support page

Note: If you already use MetaMask you can choose to use your existing wallet or create a new one

Step 2: Add VID as a Custom Token to your MetaMask Wallet

Open the MetaMask browser extension

In the MetaMask menu, click “Add Token”

Click “Custom Token” tab

Add the following VideoCoin “Custom Token” information:

  • Custom Token Address: 0x2c9023bbc572ff8dc1228c7858a280046ea8c9e5

  • Token Symbol: VID

  • Decimal:18

Step 3: Connect and Finalize Setup

Return to and reload the page.

Click Connect when you are prompted to connect your MetaMask Account.

You have completed setting up your account and are now ready to stake in the Genesis Pool

Note: Be sure to add VID tokens to your wallet as well as a small amount of ETH to cover GAS, we recommend .00001 ETH

Staking Tokens with the Genesis Worker Pool

From the main page at, select the Genesis Staking Pool from the list of “Available Worker Pool Nodes”

Add the number of VID token you’d like to stake

Click Stake Tokens and confirm your transaction

And you’re done! After the transaction has been confirmed, you will be officially staking with the Genesis Worker Pools

Unstaking Tokens

To unstake tokens select the Genesis Worker Pool, click the “Unstake” button

Select the number of tokens you’d like to unstake, then click “Unstake Tokens”

If you have questions visit the Worker section of the VideoCoin Forums page

Where can I check the reward after VID staking?


When attempting to stake, I am using a transaction fee of 43 GWEI and I receive the pop-up box saying I’ll need to confirm 2 transactions.

When I opened up the Meta Mask extension, the gas fee was quite high - around $7 USD. Is that reasonable? I also confirmed anyway but the transaction just got stuck in pending…has anyone been able to get their VID staked?

Lower the gas rate. It should not be that high.

Got it to work using default values on gas, thanks. Are rewards automatically deposited into the wallet or in the Staking app? Is there a link for expected payouts and frequency or perhaps dependent on the work coming in?

Hello, does anybody know the current staking rate for VID? And is it paid daily?

Hi great people,

1: Is the stake rewards still 20% of the workers cash.
2: What is an expected return for a x<30 days staking period of (for example)
100 video coins?
3:What is the risk with staking in probability and cost.

Have a nice day!


There are essentially two ways to stake - staking through the Genesis Program for VID token rewards or staking through third-party workers for cash rewards.

If you stake with a third-party worker, that worker can designate how much of a reward they offer, it is at minimum 20%, but can be higher.

Both have little risk - Staking through the Genesis Program rewarded for the amount of tokens you stake.

When staking with a third-party worker reward is based on how much work they process.

hope this clears it up.

Hi Jason,

yes, great answer!

What do you approximate the reward percentage range(e.g. 1-3% monthly) for staking VID tokens through the Genesis Program, or is it to early to tell?


super that the reward schema was published on staking *rewards.
How can one see the present rewards, vids rewarded?


Here’s the breakdown

But you can see your personal rewards on your staking page, or in your wallet, rewards are sent on the 25th of each month.

And here’s the number of total tokens rewarded last month for reference.


FYI to all, I just received my reward tokens from Genesis staking and staked those to Genesis. It was much quicker and easier than last time around, and the gas fee was equiv to $1.08 for the transfer.