Problem with coins from original sale?


I got a bunch of VID on the initial sale and I had completely forgotten about them. Now that I have realized I have them I wanted to stake them.

However, I am not sure if there was a swap of contract at some point because I think my coins do not match the current VID contract address. I have searched a bit about this, but i have not found anything related. So I am not sure if i can send these “original VID” to my metamask wallet to start staking them. Any insight about this?

thanks in advance for your help!

There’s been no contract swap, and the contract address is
So if you’ve collected them to metamask then you’re good to stake

First of all thanks for the answer!

However when I check the contract from which the ( txn 0x12d67ca54b1d82dec7fb054ae39f9f0cd19e30f75ddec005f0c3a5ac0afa0dca ) i did receive these intial coins it is different ( contract: 0x12d7d45a4b9693b312ede375074a48b9b9f2b6ec ). Don’t know if i was scammed then or what, but these coins I have in the coinbase wallet still match properly the VID prices and look legit. So any further info would be appreciated.

Hmm that is definitely not the right contract… Did you buy privately somewhere? Or OTC? This does looks like a scam unfortunately.

Thanks a lot again for the fast reply.

It was supposed to be from the initial sale…i was not approached by anyone or anything like that, and so far everything looked normal since the coins were properly appearing in wallet and such. i thought i had gotten them in a proper way through the website=/

I just wanted to start staking them and such now and realized there was something weird… Has there been anyone having this same issue? From the contract on etherscan I can see that there was a lot of transactions like mine when it was the “sale”. So I guess more people had similar questions I guess. It can also be seen that the contract had some more recent txn in the last month…

thanks again and thanks in advance for any further info