Introducing Worker Profiles: Promote Yourself on the VideoCoin Network

At VideoCoin Network, we are working hard to improve the process for all participants. In an effort to improve the presentation of all workers, we’re adding a new profile feature for workers that will let them add visibility and better promote themselves to the crypto community. This new feature will be available August 10.

Here’s how it works:

You will see the new worker profiles on the Workers Page on VideoCoin Explorer.

Workers can register additional information including Worker Name, Organization, Contact Email, Worker Description, and whether that worker will allow 3rd party delegates as a toggle feature.

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Workers can also share additional metrics and offer more visibility for delegated stakers. The Worker profiles will show “System Information” which includes key system configuration information: compute power, number of cores, and amount of RAM.

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In order to see a worker’s information, simply click the individual worker’s name and it will take you to their profile.

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When the third-party delegation is turned on in the worker profile, delegated stakers will be able to view and stake with that worker profile directly from the VideoCoin Staking App. This allows stakers to get information on rewards payouts and be able to join a worker’s pool community.

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Your hard work won’t go unnoticed. This is all invaluable information for those who are selecting workers to participate in. Making your worker profile unique and informative is a way to stand out in the crowd, which is important as the number of workers continues to grow on the network. Connecting with others is important to the success of your worker node and now users have the tools to do so through the VideoCoin Explorer or Staking App.

The VideoCoin Network team is here to support our growing ecosystem of participants. New workers will now be announced to our communities as they come online on our monthly participant updates.

If you’re looking to participate as a worker or staker, join our forums community at