How can i configure worker vid-pool

I’m running a worker now, and wanting to configure vid-pool on it.

on your youtube channel “VideoCoin Delegating and Worker Livestream” explain the process. (00:33~)

1 ] pull the vidpool docker image by command bellow
docker pull
2 ] make config.json file
3 ] move config.json to safe folder (ex: /var/state , make this folder if there is’nt)
4 ] command docker run vidpool deploy
docker run -ti -v /tmp/vidconf:/state -w /state

And config.json only needs

  1. DataDir
  2. KeyFile
  3. Password:
  4. Rate

Next elements can be ignored now

So I want to ask wether I only have to fill 4 elemets and leave other items blank or not.
And can you show me an example of config.json file ?

thank your youtube video and answer before, Ram Penke ^^


I added an example configuration file in the following thread.
As you identified, you need to supply the keyfile, password and rate. Set the DataDir same as working dir for simplicity.