Getting Started

Getting Started

Video infrastructure for the blockchain enabled internet

VideoCoin Network is decentralized video infrastructure that provides a simple API to easily stream videos to any device.

You can interact with the VideoCoin API using standard REST API libraries like requests on python.

We will be publishing getting started guides for python, ruby, go, php, node and others in the near future.

You will need to create a VideoCoin Network Console Account and fund it with VID before you can do any live streaming.

Live Streaming with VideoCoin Network Console

Get API access token

The VideoCoin API uses an access token that can be obtained from your account settings page

1. Sign up

2. Go to your account settings page

3. Click on “Create Token” and give the token a good name

4. Save your token

Important: You need to save your access token that you see below for future use. For security reasons, you cannot see the token again once you close this.

Treat this access token like a password.

Once you have this token, you can work with the developer APIs.