FATA[0001] - Raspberry PI


I followed all the instructions here for creating a worker using a raspberry pi. I used raspberry pi os and terminal to get everything sorted.

I have everything done but on the last step…

./worker-linux-arm start -k worker_key.json -s test123 -c 26cfe429-4479-4c5c-b988-d7c82991cd75

…it returns an error FATA[0001] followed by my eth address then ‘verson=v1.1.1-pe-1-6107bcc’.

I have obviously replaced the above details with my details - UTC file, password and client ID of my worker.

Please could you advise on what might be going wrong? I have also staked a few thousand VID to the linked UTC account.

Worker name is ‘falling-waterfall’


The worker should be bonded before starting it.
Did you follow the worker-self staking instructions ? Does the staking completed successfully ?

Hey @Ram_Penke I currently have 163 VID at Address 0x4508a69ddd7f54e7f67d7f87a9fa543bcf502cc0 | Etherscan

I am trying with:
docker run --rm -it --env="ETH_RPC_URL=https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/*********" - v $PWD:/tmp videocoinnetwork/staker fund 100 -k /tmp/public_key.json -s *****

but getting an error:
failed to estimate gas needed: insufficient funds for transfer version=dev

Do I also need to have some ETH?

Yes, you need to have enough Ether to pay for the bridging of ERC-20 Tokens to native VID for using “staker fund.,.” command.
For example look at the following transaction that performs the “staker fund…” to estimate the Ether required for paying the fee. It consumes around 57Gwei.

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Thank you so much @Ram_Penke, sorry for the late reply.

Hi @Ram_Penke, got an error this time and all the 160VID are gone together with ~0.01ETH :sob:

The error while running the initial command is:

FATA[0308] context deadline exceeded version=dev

Trying to run again gave me a different error than the initial one:
FATA[0006] failed to estimate gas needed: gas required exceeds allowance (3599) version=dev

I can see the transaction was completed and the funds transfered to the VideoCoin Network Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan. Can you please help me figure out what to do next?

EDIT: Issed the probe command videocoinnetwork/staker probe and got the error:

FATA[0003] not registered: 0x4508A69DDd7f54e7F67D7f87A9FA543Bcf502CC0 version=dev

Also tried videocoinnetwork/staker stake add 160 which gives me:
FATA[0003] insufficient funds for gas * price + value version=dev.

The question with this last is, where is this command expecting to see the funds 0x4508A69DDd7f54e7F67D7f87A9FA543Bcf502CC0 or the account where the funds got transfered to 0x702476a1d11ca76367d95984e9d7bd5f54c8585f? I also tried stake add 50 to no avail (same insufficient funds error).

I will check the issue and update you.
Please confirm that you registered the worker using VideoCoin conosle.
I guess you are trying to test the flow of self staking. as you may know 50k VID is required to deploy the worker.

Hey, thank you. We’ll, no, I wasn’t aware that the entry level would be as high to add a worker node. Can you please point me to the docs where this is specified? I was following Setting up a VideoCoin Worker - VideoCoin Network – Developer Documentation and Setting up a VideoCoin Worker on Jetson Nano - Workers - VideoCoin Network. I haven’t yet ran
./worker-linux-arm64 in the worker, as I did not have a confirmation on the self-staking.

Worker Self Staking - VideoCoin Network – Developer Documentation is what I am trying to do. Is worker self staking then the same as staking as per Stakers | VideoCoin Network?

I can see the minimum for staking at Rewards | VideoCoin Network, yet, it confuses me that there are two entry points, either stakers and workers but then workers still need to go through the full staking?

I would appreciate if you can shed some light here @Ram_Penke :pray:

As you noted, workers should self-stake the amount as indicated in https://videocoin.network/rewards.

Delegate staking can be done using the staking app: https://staking.videocoin.network/