FATA[0001] - Raspberry PI


I followed all the instructions here for creating a worker using a raspberry pi. I used raspberry pi os and terminal to get everything sorted.

I have everything done but on the last step…

./worker-linux-arm start -k worker_key.json -s test123 -c 26cfe429-4479-4c5c-b988-d7c82991cd75

…it returns an error FATA[0001] followed by my eth address then ‘verson=v1.1.1-pe-1-6107bcc’.

I have obviously replaced the above details with my details - UTC file, password and client ID of my worker.

Please could you advise on what might be going wrong? I have also staked a few thousand VID to the linked UTC account.

Worker name is ‘falling-waterfall’


The worker should be bonded before starting it.
Did you follow the worker-self staking instructions ? Does the staking completed successfully ?