Early incentive structure

In my opinion, the onboarding of work capacity is one of the biggest factors in getting a more robust network that paying publishers would use. In the current model, since there is no payed work, the highest incentive is genesis pool with the monthly payouts. As a pool operator, I am risking many tokens and hardware cost with much less incentive than genesis pool. I personally am willing to take the leap of faith but it feels like the onboarding of work capacity will be faster if there were incentives to do so instead of genesis pool being the only guaranteed ROI.

Would love community feedback on this especially from reputable members such as @Santiago_Velez

I agree, the current Genesis staking program in the context of no publishers on the network is a counter-incentive to worker deployments. That being said, the best way to ameliorate this is to onboard a publisher as soon as possible, else create a staking program on behalf of the workers and route VID that would have gone through Genesis pool to other worker pools. This should be technically possible with VIDPOOL.

Just as with eliminating token volatility from publishers, this is an issue with worker nodes at the moment as there is a 21 day unbonding period for direct stake (huge volatility risk) and no unbonding period for delegated stake (low volatility risk). The risk would be well worth taking if there was a reward (potential work), which there currently is not. How can you convince token holders to take this big risk locking in their tokens when the obvious choice to put their tokens is in genesis pool?