Difficulty Unstaking/High gas fees

I recently attempted to unstake some of my tokens. While attempting to do this, the estimated gas fee was extremely high. In order to avoid exorbitant fees, i reduced Gwei to what I considered an acceptable level. This resulted in a problem of my transaction remaining in a pending status for about 10 days. I tried speeding it up, incurring gas fees of up to US$50.00 (estimated). Eventually, I tried replacing the transaction, following the instructions found in Metamask support, as well as suggestions from peers more expert than myself in these types of transactions. I learned that I needed to create a custom nonce on the replacement transaction. I remembered I had done this before, but could not recall the exact steps to do it. I finally figured out (through help) that I needed to go one more step. The place to create a custom nonce is in the confirmation step, not the first step, or in advanced settings. Once that was done, the transaction cleared up and I was able to move forward.
I realize this is somewhat verbose, and not detailed. If you are having a similar problem, feel free to contact me for more complete details.

“Workerhub” is currently attempting to “staking” However, it is still in the “pending” state. How can we solve this problem?

Current VID I have: 500150
ETH : 0.11

Please paste here your worker address. We will check the issue and update you.