Delegator selection by workers

The question has come up about how a worker can have some kind of control over the delegators that stake with him/her. Is there a way to customize delegator selection, so the worker could choose who is staking? There was discussion in the recent webinar about toggling the button on and off to accept stakers, but that seems a little clunky and not real smooth to control the selection. Any thoughts from the team?

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I mirror this request. Explicitly establishing a bilateral relationship between a specific worker node and delegator (perhaps reflecting some external contractual relationship) would be incredibly beneficial in directing the sharing of compute in exchange for the benefits of VID delegation.

The specific technical request would be to allow workers to “match” or select specific Delegators in the same way delegators select workers. Think of it like a dating service.

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The current delegated staking is maintained on Ethereum Mainnet using an escrow contract and VideoCoin Staking Manager is synchronized with this contract. Extending it to include filtering of delegators based on worker’s preference will make it complex and will have side effects such as increased gas cost for delegatorsa and loose it’s generality(which may not be acceptable to the community).

Just a thought, you may be able to achieve what you are looking for, by inviting the known parties(delegators) to contribute to your worker’s self-stake. Such a VID pooling can be managed using a smart contract deployed by you. This also gives flexibility of running multiple workers (worker-pools) and associated reward distribution with one vidpool smart contract. This scheme may demand a longer commitment from your delegators due to unbonding period associated with the self-stake.