Console Roadblock

I created an account for streamiong, actually streamed a short video clip to try it out. It worked fine.
Now I am trying to access the staking page. Whenever I click on staking, it takes me directly to the streaming page, with nothing to click to get to the staking page.
Any thoughts?

If you’re looking to stake, you can follow this guide: Quick Guide to Delegated Staking

I should add we did announce that a new and easy way to stake is coming later this month. It’s called the Genesis Staking Program. You get awarded VID tokens for helping strengthen network functionality, as opposed to getting rewards for jobs completed.

Let me know if you have more questions. I’ll be happy to help.

Can you elaborate on what “strengthen network functionality” means? Is this a technical function (validation of files/work) or this a tokenomic function? Is this in reference to zone0 minimum compute to ensure the network always has sufficient workers to meet demand?