Can't find my self staked VID

I tried to unstake and withdraw my VID tokens but something went wrong in the process.
I cant locate the transaction in the explorer. I am guessing that the transaction didn’t go trough because it ran out of gas or something.

I hope someone with a little more experience can help me locate my failed transaction.
This is my Wallet address from which I originally sent the self stake: 0x5D8feeC4145Ab9De896124d15b82C5b2545645F2

The worker-hub older version has an issue related to withdraw. The new version fixes it, but you can not migrate from your current version.

You can use staker command-line tool as discussed in the following thread to withdraw the unbonded tokens.

There is no possibility to install the new version of worker-hub on different environment and use my existing worker-key-file? Because I still have the worker-key-file I just don’t know how to reference it in the command that you showed me. I am using Docker on Windows.

I was able to resolve the issue with coping my wallet filel to the tmp location

docker cp <source_path> <container_name>:<destination_path>