Assistance withdrawing VID$ to Ethwallet

I was able to successfully launch a worker, but now I am having issues withdrawing my videocoin completly.
I changed the ressources that I was using to run my docker and now I get the following error when I probe my address. My keyfile, client ID have not changed.

“FATA[0001] not registered:”

It could be that the $VID are on their way, but I am a bit lost and need some assistance

I do beleive it is a matter of waiting for the withdrawal period but I just need to make sure


Yes, after issuing a “stake withdraw” request, you have to wait 21 days (current unbonding period) and then issue “stake withdraw complete”.

Ok Thanks, for the prompt reply. I assume it was the case. I’ll let you know if anything else come up.

I received all my token once the timer went through. THanks!